Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in New York: Car Accidents vs. Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accident lawyers in New York play a vital role in personal injury cases. Because motorcycle accidents are a bit different from car accidents, it’s important to have the facts. Motorcycle accident lawyers in New York will look at a few obvious, but crucial, pieces of information regarding your accident:

  • Motorcycles can be much more dangerous due to the fact that they provide much less protection than cars do.
  • The No Fault insurance law does not apply to motorcycle accidents.
  • Motorcycle accidents do not have to prove anything based on the guidelines of New York’s Serious Injury Threshold.

When sifting through the many motorcycle accident lawyers in New York, keep Lewis and Lewis in mind. We’re knowledgeable about motorcycle accidents, and we’re concerned with protecting your rights as a victim of personal injury. Call us today at (716) 854-2100.

En Español   |   Saturday, April 25 2015