Things to keep in mind before hiring a workers compensation attorney

Before you hire a New York workers compensation lawyer, it’s good to know a little about the attorney. Make sure you ask the right questions so that you know you’ve made the right choice. You need to be able to trust your attorney, and know that they’re fighting for you. Here are a few items to ask before hiring:

  • How long have you been practicing in the workers compensation field?
  • What is your success rate? (How often do you win?)
  • How much have you actually recovered for clients?
  • Do you have any kind of credentials to prove that I can trust you?

Some of these questions may seem very forward, but keep this in mind: You have the right to know! At Lewis and Lewis, we’re honest with everyone about our experience. That’s why we stand out among other personal injury lawyers in New York.

To show you how honest we are, we’ll answer our own questions:

  • We’ve been in practice for almost 70 years.
  • We have a 90% success rate in the courtroom
  • We’ve collected over $300 million for clients in settlements and verdicts
  • One of our attorneys has Super Lawyer status (this means he’s been nominated by other personal injury attorneys)

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